Benefits of Tray Tables

Benefits of Tray Tables

Traditionally, tray tables have been used for serving meals while watching TV. There are, however, many other great uses for portable tray tables that you could benefit from. Today we will take a look at some of the benefits of TV trays in the home. Table Mate offers a variety of portable table trays for both adults and children. Continue reading and then shop our online store today to choose the right table for you!

Tray Tables are Portable and Compact

A good table tray is one that is easy to move wherever you need it. If a tray table is sturdy enough to hold what you need, but is then incredibly difficult to move, it’s not very functional. At Table Mate, we are proud to offer table trays that are very easy to slide and move wherever you need them. When you are done using your table, simply fold it into its compact shape and then slide it under almost any piece of furniture. You have the benefit of storing it when not in use so that it doesn’t take up extra space. Our portable and compact table trays are perfect for those with limited space, as well as those who need to slide the table from one spot to another.

Tray Tables are Durable

Table Mate provides portable table trays that are also incredibly durable, as they can hold up to 50 pounds worth of items! This means that when you want to use your nice dinner plates or glasses, you don’t have to worry about whether the tray will be able to support their weight. In addition to meals, you can set your crafting or drawing supplies on the table as well without fear of it tipping over while you are using it. Most tray tables do not provide this type of durability.

Tray Tables are Adaptable

Whether you want to spend a morning in bed and enjoy a relaxing breakfast, or you need to work from home, our table trays can adapt to your needs. These portable table trays make great bedside tables due to the fact that they can slide right up to the edge of the bed, and can adjust to fit the perfect height and angle that you need. If you are planning on going to the park to watch your kids or grandkids play, then take our table with you so that you know you have a sanitary surface on which to place your snacks and drinks. Our portable table trays are adaptable for any room or situation that you need.

Tray Tables are Perfect for Book Lovers

One of the hardest parts of reading a book sometimes is finding the best position for relaxing and holding the book. Our portable tray tables offer the perfect solution. Now you can relax in your favorite chair as your book rests on the table. Our tables can be reconfigured in 18 different ways to meet the perfect height and angle requirement for your reading enjoyment. Each table is designed to slide right up to you, so you won’t have to worry about leaning over and getting a sore neck.

Table Mate offers a variety of portable table trays for both adults and children. Be sure to shop our online store today and find the perfect size and color for your home!

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