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Easter Fun with Your Grandkids

Easter is a wonderful holiday because it is usually acknowledged as the unofficial start of spring, and is accompanied by warmer temperatures, delicate flowers, and delicious food. If you have family coming for a visit, then you’ll want to make sure you have some crafts planned for the grandkids. In today’s post, we’ll look at some fun activities that are made easier with the help of your portable table trays. Keep reading to stock up on Easter craft ideas and shop Table-Mate® for all of your folding table tray needs.

Colored Eggs

There are so many different ideas for coloring eggs today that it might be hard to decide which way is the easiest or best. If you’re interested in coloring eggs with your grandkids, but you’re concerned about paint getting on your carpet, tablecloth, or placemats, then we have the perfect suggestion for you!

Pull out your portable table trays and set up cups with different colors of Kool-Aid. Add about ¾ cup of room-temperature water to each cup and then let the eggs sit in the mixture for about two to five minutes. When you’re ready to set them out to dry, make sure to have an empty egg carton to set them in so that they don’t roll around. Not only will you have beautifully colored eggs, but they’ll smell great too!

Basket Decorating

Of course you can always run to a craft store to purchase a beautifully decorated basket that is ready to be filled, but why not purchase some plain baskets to decorate with your grandchildren? Your portable table trays from Table-Mate® offer the perfect, extra-large space for each of you to craft to your heart’s content.

All you need is some fabric, Easter-themed stickers, hot glue, and ribbons. You could even provide foam letters so that each of you can label your basket with your name or initials. There are no set directions for this craft — simply exercise your creative muscles and see what you all create!

Peep Houses

Whether you absolutely love marshmallow Peeps or think that they are one of the worst creations ever, we know that you’ll have fun making Peep houses with your grandkids. All you’ll need are graham crackers, thick frosting, Easter decorations (grass, candy, etc.), and of course, Peeps.

Since you’re working with food items, you won’t need to worry about covering your portable table tray with paper towels, unless you want to make clean up easier. Each of you needs three whole graham crackers that you will break into halves to form the base, three sides, and roof of the house. Connect all the graham cracker pieces with the frosting, decorate with grass and candy eggs, and place your Peeps inside their beautiful home!

Chick Finger Puppets

If your grandkids are younger, then they will really enjoy making some chick finger puppets with you! You’ll need a few crafty items on hand to complete this project — construction paper or card stock, googly eyes, feathers, circle punch, and glue. Yellow is the color of baby chicks, but since spring is time to enjoy all of the pastels, why not let your grandkids have fun making chicks that are pink, blue, and purple as well? This craft is fairly simple, and it will be easy to complete using your table trays to keep everyone’s projects separate.

Easter Bunny Plates

Our last craft suggestion is another easy one that younger kids will really enjoy! Easter bunny plates are easy to create, super cute, and provide hours of playtime for your grandchildren. With a few simple craft supplies — paper plates, construction paper, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, and pom-poms. You could even provide a water-based black marker for them to draw a little mouth. Make sure to take pictures of their adorable creations!

At Table-Mate®, we know that your grandkids are special to you, and that you want to find creative ways to spend time with them this Easter. We hope that our suggestions today give you plenty of great ideas to choose from. Make sure to order the best portable table trays from Table-Mate® so that you’ll have plenty of space to let their creative minds run wild!

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