Get Ready For Summer

Get Ready For Summer

It's getting hot in here. Summer is right around the corner. The Memorial Day BBQ hot dogs will be flying off the shelves, the 4th of July fireworks will brighten up the sky, and the kiddos will have eight weeks off of school. For many of us when the season turns, it creates a laundry list of things to take care of inside and outside of the house. We're helping you break down your spring cleaning list so you can get the most out of summer 2020.

 Remove all traces of the cold winter and prep for some fun in the sun with these tips:


Start cleaning inside the house

 If you live in the North East, likely late April will still feel like the middle of February on some days. Since not all of us are lucky enough to have year-round sunshine, it's best to tackle your house chores while it's still too cold to spend hours outdoors. Follow this checklist by Merry Maids. It's long, but once it's done, you won't have to think about vacuuming your lampshades (apparently that's a thing) for at least another 6 months.


If it's still too cold to garden, set up a mini indoor herb garden

 It's time to put your green thumb to good use. All you need to grow fresh herbs like mint, thyme, basil, oregano, rosemary, and more is a good quality potting mix, water, and sunshine. Your plants will do best if they're put in a sunny spot near a window. Use the Table Mate XL to set up your miniature herb garden. The lightweight table can be moved anywhere around your home to give your plants the right amount of sunshine.

Tip: Place the table in front of a window that faces south and receives at least 6 hours of sun daily.


Get your lawn looking good again

Once the snow has passed, check out your yard for any trouble spots like fallen branches, bare patches, or holes. Typically, your grass won't be plush and green right away, but if you take care of it right at the turn of the season, it will grow in no time. Get rid of all the old leaves that were leftover from the fall, pick up the fallen branches, and clean up after any messes your pets may have made.


Spruce up your outdoor living space

You don't want to host the annual family BBQ or Father's Day brunch on dusty patio furniture and dirty decks.


Clean patio furniture: Use a combo of liquid dish soap and warm water to scrub away any dirt and grime leftover on your outdoor furniture. Utilize your hose to spray the soap off and cut the drying time in half by tipping the furniture on its side to let the water drain.


Powerwash your deck and paver walkways: This is the easiest way to get rid of any dirt, mildew, mud, and grime that sticks onto surfaces all winter long. If you have a pool area, a powerwash works great to prep it for the season.


Give your hedges a makeover

Cut the overgrown or dead branches of your trees and bushes that may be blocking your walkways. It will make your front and backyard look much more inviting, and it also allows more sunlight to reach the center of the trees and shrubs.

Get your home ready for summer 2020. It's going to be a hot one.

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