Holiday Preparation: Are you prepared for those extra guests?

Holiday Preparation: Are you prepared for those extra guests?

As the holidays approach, now is a good time to figure out how to gather all your loved ones around the Thanksgiving table. While the entrancing smells of turkey and pumpkin pie linger in the air, no one wants to be left out of the one meal they wait for all year long.


A great Holiday meal (or any dinner, for that matter) is just as much about conversation and livelihood as it is the food. And, as the gracious host, it’s your job to provide such an atmosphere that will allow everyone to take advantage of their time together and make them glad to come.


Here are our best tips for ensuring optimal comfort for everyone:

Get a Ballpark Head Count Early

The only way to plan for your seating space is to know how many guests are coming to your dinner. Remember to count couples, children, and any “plus ones” that might show up. If you have some guests that are unsure of their attendance, count them anyway to get a worst-case scenario for your space planning.

Survey Your Table Space

Your existing dining room table will be an obvious go-to, but that might not offer enough space. If not, everyone can gather ‘round the table, then start looking at other alternatives. Some furniture may be repurposed, such as end tables or card tables. Table Mate also provides some desirable space-saving alternatives, such as the Table Mate XL that gives you plenty of eating space and location flexibility.

Consider Making Separate Tables for Kids and Adults

If necessary, break up your party into kids and adults and allow each to eat at their own table. Kids can enjoy a little freedom away from their parents, while adults can enjoy a meal without constant interruptions.

Take Inventory of Seating

Take a count of all chairs and other seating options to ensure there’s room for everyone. Couches, recliners, and loveseats can easily double as extra seating if you’re using Table Mate tray tables, particularly the XL that might be big enough to share.

Trade Chairs for Benches

If you find yourself short on seating, consider making your own benches to maximize your space. They’re fairly simple and inexpensive to make, plus they can easily seat 2-3 guests or more comfortably. This can be particularly beneficial for those who don’t need as much elbow room, such as children.

Create a Separate Buffet Line

Instead of placing all the food on the table, you can free up valuable dining space by creating a separate buffet line. Use your kitchen countertops as a buffet station where guests can fill their plates before sitting at the table. With fewer dishes cluttering the table, you might be able to squeeze in more seating.

Invite Table Mate to Your Holiday Dinners!

Table Mate provides convenient, space-saving solutions to help you cater to your guests’ comfort. With large, flat surfaces that can be used anywhere, you can easily expand your seating options to ensure a place for everyone.



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