Make Father’s Day Special!

Make Father’s Day Special!

Father’s Day is a great time to make the dad in your life feel honored, respected, and loved. Whether your dad enjoys getting more sentimental gifts like plants and flowers or more practical gifts like tools and sporting equipment, we know that you will find the right way to make him feel special. In today’s post, we’ll provide some suggestions for making Father’s Day special this year!

Table-Mate® provides the portable table trays you need when you have company at your house and need extra space for serving food, playing games, or simply relaxing and eating. Whether you plan to watch a movie with your dad this Father’s Day or you want to host a party, make sure to shop our online store to purchase the portable table trays you need.

Give the Gift of Time

If this is his first Father’s Day, then he will most likely appreciate the gift of extra time to sleep. Dads work hard to provide for the needs of their family, which means that they don’t get to lounge in bed the way they may have done before having kids. If you’re able to let him sleep in a little longer than normal, make sure he knows not to set his alarm!

Perhaps sleeping in is not something he cares too much about, which means that giving him some time to do whatever he would like to do can also be a good idea. Whether he enjoys watching a game on TV, working on a project in the garage, or reading a book, you can be sure that he’ll appreciate your gift of time.

Tell Him That He’s Appreciated

It’s all too easy to assume that our loved ones know how we feel about them. When you neglect to tell someone you love them, however, they might begin to wonder how you truly feel. Whether you take time to write a heartfelt note, craft a unique card, or simply tell him face-to-face, be sure to let the dad in your life know how much he is appreciated and loved.

Go on a Family Adventure

Depending on the age of your children, it might be a great idea to plan a family walk, hike, bike ride, or road trip. Make sure that the activity and destination are something that he will enjoy. No matter what adventure you plan, if you designed the activity to show your love, then this can make a very memorable gift.

Father’s Day Dinner Out 

There are so many restaurants that offer special brunch options for Mother’s Day, so why not try doing something similar on Father’s Day? Choose one of your dad’s favorite restaurants and surprise him by taking him out to eat for a special brunch or dinner on his day. You can make it even more special by presenting him with homemade cards and letters either before or after the meal.

No matter what you do this Father’s Day, make sure to plan gifts and activities that will let your dad know how much you care about him. If you’re planning to work on crafts or host a party, then be sure to find the portable table trays you need at Table-Mate®.

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