Organizational Tips for Your Dorm Room

Organizational Tips for Your Dorm Room


A new school year is almost here, and this year could be the most exciting one yet — you’re off to college! While life in a dorm can be a lot of fun, it can also challenge your organizational skills. With all of the things you need to fit into a relatively small space, it’s a good idea to utilize as many space-saving tips as possible.

At Table-Mate®, we offer the space-saving portable table trays that you need. Set them out when you need extra study space or you want to eat your meal in bed, and easily slide them under your bed when you’re done using them. Continue reading to learn our space-saving tips for dorm rooms, and browse our online store for all of your portable table tray needs.


1. Lift Your Bed

Depending on the beds in your dorm room, you might find that you have several options available for utilizing the space underneath them. If you and your roommate are agreeable, you could stack the beds to create bunk beds, which will make a lot more floor space available for your needs. If bunk beds are not an option, then consider purchasing bed risers, which will create valuable space that you can use for storage bins and boxes. An added bonus is that some bed risers come with power outlets, which makes it even more convenient for plugging in your devices.

2. Utilize Door Space

Dorm rooms are not known for having spacious closets, which makes it important to think outside the box to find the space that you and your roommate will need for all of your clothes and shoes. One solution is to purchase shoe organizers that hang off the top of the door. Don’t need room for your shoes? Use the hanging organizer for toiletries, snacks, or other items in need of a home. 

3. Cascading Hangers

As we said, dorm closets are notoriously small, which makes it critical to continue to find ways to maximize your space. One tip that we love is using the tabs from soda cans to help create cascading hangers. Simply slide the tab over the top of the hanger to create a place for the next hanger to rest. Depending on the weight of the clothing on the hangers, you could potentially create cascades of two to three hangers.

4. Hazard-Free Air Fresheners

Unfortunately, one of the downsides of dorm life is that bad smells seem to live in the halls. Since you are likely not allowed to use candles or wax warmers due to the fire hazard, a safe alternative for making your room a stench-free haven is dryer sheets. Keep burned popcorn and other noxious odors out of your room by sticking a dryer sheet to your portable fan with tape or a paperclip. The fragrance will be distributed throughout your room, and you won’t be breaking any fire codes. If you don’t have dryer sheets handy, you could also clip a car fragrance pod to your fan to get the same benefit.

These are just a few of the organizational hacks that can help you find the space you need in your dorm room. At Table-Mate®, we are proud to offer the portable table trays that can provide extra space when you need them and slide out of the way when you’re done. Be sure to browse our online store to order the folding tray tables you need to make your first year of college a great one.

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