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Steps For the Perfect Breakfast in Bed

Sometimes when you want to show someone how much you care about them, it can be hard to think of the right gift. Preparing breakfast and serving it to them in bed is a wonderful way to show your love and start their day with a delightful gift. At Table Mate, we know that the one thing you might worry about is how to actually serve the breakfast without creating a mess. Continue reading to learn the steps for creating the perfect breakfast in bed, and then visit us online to order the perfect tray table for your home.

Find the Right Tray

Table Mate offers a variety of tray tables to meet all of your needs. When you want to serve breakfast in bed, you want to make sure that it will have the right height to allow your loved one to sit in a comfortable position without feeling as if they have to really lean over to eat. Our trays are not only adjustable for height, but the tray itself can also be adjusted to a variety of angles to accommodate a number of uses. Should you want the table to be at an angle, the cup holder will remain level, as it is independently adjustable from the tray itself. Another great feature in our tray tables is that they have an open leg system so that they can slide under the bed and position the tray directly in front of you.

Prepare the Breakfast

No matter what type of breakfast you want to make, one of the key things to remember is that the quieter you can be, the better. One of the best aspects of serving breakfast in bed is knowing that the recipient was completely surprised. Focus on controlling the pieces that you can and don’t stress about the ones that you can’t. Waking up to the smell of delicious food is a much nicer way to wake up than to the sound of banging pots and pans.

Add Personal Touches

Depending on the preferences of the person you are serving, you might add a small vase of flowers fresh from the garden, a personal note, or a funny picture. Whatever you add, make sure that it is something that is meaningful to both of you, as that’s what matters the most in this type of gift. The recipient will be thrilled to wake up to a tray of freshly cooked food and a personalized token of love from you.

Clean Up

Nothing will ruin the pleasure of your gift quicker than if the recipient has to clean up after they’re done. While you don’t want to hover over them and make them feel pressured to finish, you do want to keep an eye or ear on them so that you can tell when it sounds as if they’re finishing up. Once they’re done, be sure to enter with a smile and let them know that you want to take the tray and dishes for them. Remind them that this was your gift and you don’t want them having to do the work of cleaning everything up. They will definitely appreciate this!

If we have sparked your thoughts about what you can do for your loved one, then you should visit our online store and select the expanding tray tables that will work best in your home. With our selection of tables and colors, you are sure to find the ones that are right for you!
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