The reviews are in. People love putting their Table-Mate trays to good use. So, what exactly about the Table-Mate is making users say it’s “one of the best purchases” they’ve ever made? The Table-Mate is the simple to use, easy to store addition to any room in your house. Not sure how you can use the Table-Mate? Read on to learn more about what customers have to say and how they are finding unique ways to use the Table-Mate to make their lives easier.


 The Table-Mate is exceptionally versatile and can be used as a space saver and space maker for just about room in your home. How do you use the Table-Mate? We asked, and you told us. We’ve gathered a list of the most common ways our customers use the handy table as an addition to their daily lives.

 Homework - Many of the Table-Mate users have said their elementary, high school, and college-aged children have enjoyed doing their homework with the Table-Mate. Any college will know how little space is available in their tiny dorm rooms; the Table-Mate can add an additional workspace without having to scarface space.

 Arts and Crafts - This holds true for kids and adults who like to sit down with their favorite crafts, color books, clay, or any other artistic outlet they enjoy. Kids can use their mini-sized Table-Mates to draw, create a play-doh sculpture, paint a masterpiece, and more. While adults are using the foldable tables, create their own works of art.

 Home Office - Today, more people are working from home than ever before. With the digital nomad trend on the steady incline, many folks who don’t have a home office are looking for a space-saving alternative. Table-Mate can hold a laptop or a larger computer monitor without the risk of it collapsing. Anyone who doesn’t have space for a desk at home can quickly whip out the Table-Mate II or the Table-Mate Ultra. Each of these tables is secure enough to hold all of your expensive electronics, plus they’re equipped with a cup holder so your coffee will always be within reach.

 Eating/Traveling - Do you like to watch your favorite TV show or a good movie while you eat? If so, you’re just like many of the other Table-Mate users. These tables are portable so you can move them from room to room or take them on vacation if you need a little extra table space.

Gift Giving - Yep, you heard it here, the Table-Mate was one of the hottest gifts of 2019! Our customers were keen on giving the gift of convenience this holiday season. The compact size makes it easy to pull out whenever it’s needed. It wasn’t only the adults who have gifted a new Table-Mate this year, either. Parents and grandparents are buying the tot-sized Table-Mates for their little ones.

 According to the reviewers, Table-Mate is one of their most-used household items. The positive reviews speak for itself. We understand the frustration of investing in a product that claims it will make your life easier, and lo and behold it ends up in the closet or worse, the garbage, the Table-Mate is not another kitsch home item you’ll use twice and forget about. People of all ages have been loving the Table-Mate for over a decade.


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