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Celebrating 25+ Years of Trust and Innovation

Just over 25 years ago, inventor Doug Soper envisioned a line of portable tables that could adjust to make life more comfortable for everyone but especially elderly and the mobility challenged. He observed most TV trays and portable tables were rigid and lacked any innovation since the 1950s. These products were not user friendly especially for our disabled and aging, communities that were near and dear to Doug’s heart. After watching aging and mobility challenged friends and family struggle, he was inspired to help change that.

Table-Mate is the original TV tray reimagined. Lightweight, portable, and adjustable to 6 heights, 3 angles and unlike its rigid predecessor, easily slides to you delivering equal parts comfort and convenience to millions of happy, loyal customers around the world including our aging and disabled communities.

Since its introduction in 1993, Table-Mate has grown to a full range of adjustable and portable tables now synonymous with a legacy of high quality products and exceptional customer service backed by real people. Amid wanna-be lookalikes, Table-Mate remains a trusted brand name and customer favorite among millions worldwide.

Life changes, that is a fact. New technology, new ways to work, play and live. Even a global pandemic quickly changes life as we know it. As a brand our goal is to deliver an experience that adjusts to you, not the other way around. Our customers range in age, size and lifestyle. No matter where they are in life, our hope is that having a Table-Mate product makes living life more comfortable and convenient wherever and whenever they may need it.


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