Meet the Table-Mate Inventor

The design restrictions of TV tray tables were numerous – they did not adjust in height or angle, they had braces which obstructed the user’s legs, they were very unsteady, and they needed to be lifted in order to move them.

I invented Table-Mate in my home in Toronto, Canada, in 1993. The story starts with my parents and some family friends who would often come over for social visits and casual dinners. During these visits, I observed an urgent need for a portable table which would make life easier and more comfortable for the elderly and people with disability and mobility problems.

I thought these problems were surmountable with a little effort and ingenuity…and I came up with an innovative solution, Table-Mate. I created a table that could fold easily for storage, which could be simply adjusted in height and angle, which would come right up to the body of the user making everything on it within reach, and most importantly it could smoothly slide back and forth on any floor surface making the whole experience effortless and more comfortable.

The thing that motivates me and satisfies me the most is hearing from everyday customers who love Table-Mate. I’m especially proud knowing I’ve helped elderly people and people with mobility problems. They repeatedly thank us for developing a product which is affordable, durable, and makes their lives easier, more enjoyable, more hassle-free, and much more comfortable.

The small endeavor I started in Canada has gained worldwide momentum and we’ve now sold many millions of Table-Mate units in more than 60 countries across the globe.

- Doug Soper, Table-Mate Inventor

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