Table-Mate 4 Kids is a truly innovative product with a unique configuration conceived just for kids.
It comes with a table, chair, and its own convenient storage bag, all designed particularly for children up to 70lbs. Children love Table-Mate 4 Kids because it's so bright, cheerful and fun. The product folds up completely and fits into the carry bag. The frame of the table and chair is powder paint coated steel tubing.

Table-Mate 4 Kids comes with its own chair in a wonderfully simple self contained unit that is simple to use and simple to store. The table simultaneously adjusts to 3 different heights and 2 angles (1 horizontal and 1 down) to suit the child's activity.

The chair simply folds up and snaps onto the back side of the folded table top. One of the legs of the chair protrudes from the handy carry bag to serve as a carrying handle. As we all know, children like to touch things and move around a lot, especially when you're not looking. We incorporated this behavior into Table-Mate 4 Kids design.

The chair was conceived specifically for children and has a locking mechanism which prevents the chair from inadvertently being closed by mistake. There are also snap-on stabilizers for the legs of the chair to prevent sideways tipping.

The entire unit fits conveniently into a handy travel bag.
Great for travel, sleepovers at grandparents homes and anytime you need a kids size table and chair to go.

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See What Real Table-Mate 4 Kids Customers Have to Say....

I purchased the TM 4 Kids for my 3 year old daughter. She absolutely loves this product!! Since she began using it, she will sit for hours doing coloring, reading, eating her snacks and playing with her toys at the TM 4 Kids. She loves carrying it with her and using it when we visit my parents.        - Jane
My husband purchased 2 of these to have at our house when the grandchildren come over. The first thing they do when they arrive is to set up their Table-Mate 4 Kids. They spend countless hours contentedly doing whatever keeps them happy sitting at their very own table and chairs while the adults have a visit!       - Beth
My kids just love this product ! I have two of them. My twin 4 year old daughters take them outside and have a picnic in the back yard. They use them on our patio, in the living room, in the kitchen, in their bedroom, and of course when they go over to grandmas. They love the fact that they finally have furniture which is ideally suited to their size.       - Carol


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